Salter Labs :: 1600 Series Cannula

1600 Series Cannula

Salter's signature cannula is clear and lightweight with unique, one-piece anatomical design that eliminates the need for flap, which can cause irritation.  Over-the-ear style head set ensures secure positioning, allowing freedom of movement.  ...

Salter Labs :: 7FT Tubing

7FT Tubing

Superior safety due to crush-resistant internal wall design...a Salter innovationSpecial design features three inside channels that help prevent accidental occlusion. A unique “ribbed body” end fitting allows easy connections. Available in lengths from ...

Salter Labs :: Aerosol Mask

Aerosol Mask

Aerosol Delivery System (VADS) With Micro Vented Ports (MVP)This special system utilizes the Salter Nebu-Tech®HDN® or the 8900 series Nebulizers and a Salter Aerosol mask with elastic head strap in several special configurations. They are engineered ...

Salter Labs :: E-Z Wrap Cannula Ear Cushions

E-Z Wrap Cannula Ear Cushions

The E-Z Wrap from Salter Labs is a set of soft, close-cell foam tube cushions that slide over the head or face tube of an oxygen cannula to provide added support and around a wearer's ears.  The cushion provides padding to reduce chafing ...

Salter Labs :: High Flow Humidifier

High Flow Humidifier

 A new pressure relief valve and all new down spout with 360° rectangular diffuser ports reduces water turbulence and operates quietly. A pressure relief valve and down spout diffuser design allow high flow delivery (6-15 LPM). This humidifier ...

Salter Labs :: Nebulizer Kit

Nebulizer Kit

The Salter Labs® 8900 Small Volume Jet Nebulizer is a versatile, high performance jet nebulizer which delivers reliable and cost effective aerosol therapy. Ideally suited for hospital or home therapy.  Unique design allows 3cc  medication ...

Salter Labs :: Nebulizer Mask

Nebulizer Mask

Salter Aerosol Therapy Masks and Face Tents have soft feathered edges for a more comfortable fit.Available in…Pediatric, Infant, Adult and Extra Large Adult sizes.

Salter Labs :: Oxygen Connector Tubing

Oxygen Connector Tubing

Simple, reliable tubing connectors, where patient mobility and safety are a concern.

Salter Labs :: Water Trap

Water Trap

A simple, durable design for collection of excess condensation when placed in-line with standard oxygen connecting tubing. Clear body allows easy visual inspection of any fluid build up