Covidien :: Briefs, Underpads, and Pullups

Briefs, Underpads, and Pullups

Finally there's a way to achieve effective adult incontinence protection without compromising dignity.

Covidien :: Kendall 2-in-1 Cleanser

Kendall 2-in-1 Cleanser

Features and Benefits: A no rinse skin cleanser and moisturizer in one step • Contains 1.5% dimethicone, vitamin E and jojoba oil • Cleanses and protects the skin from damage associated with incontinence in one step • Dimethicone ...

Covidien :: Kendall Antifungal Cream

Kendall Antifungal Cream

A light cream that spreads easily and allows visibility to the skin beneath • Contains 2% miconazole nitrate, vitamin E and jojoba oil • Effective relief for the itching, soreness and irritation associated with jock itch (tinea ...

Covidien :: Kendall Antimicrobial Cleanser

Kendall Antimicrobial Cleanser

A no rinse skin cleanser and antimicrobial wash in one step • Contains 0.13% benzalkonium chloride • Shown in in-vitro studies to be effective against bacteria and fungi that can cause secondary infection and are commonly found in ...

Covidien :: Kendall Moisture Barrier Cream

Kendall Moisture Barrier Cream

A light moisture barrier that spreads easily and allows visibility to the skin beneath • Contains 5% dimethicone, vitamin E and jojoba oil • Acts as a barrier to moisture and irritants when the natural barrier ability of the skin has ...

Covidien :: Sure Care Protective Underwear

Sure Care Protective Underwear

SURE CARE™ Protective Underwear is a dignified, discreet, underwear-like product used for moderate to heavy incontinence protection.

Covidien :: TenderSorb Underpads

TenderSorb Underpads

TENDERSORB™ Underpad, Spunbond Nonwoven Topsheet, Diamond-embossed Pattern and Polypropylene Backsheet. Fluff core provides moderate incontinent protection.

Covidien :: Wings Classic Adult Briefs

Wings Classic Adult Briefs

WINGS™ CLASSIC Adult Brief has a full fit design to provide complete coverage and maximum absorbency. The design includes an extra wide crotch for added protection, 4 tape tabs and a blue dryness strip for optimum skin protection.